More Like Dad

When I was pregnant with Amelie, I always prayed that she’d be healthy, with complete body parts and inheriting the good traits of her dad. I so admire how he has remained simple natured, timid and patient throughout the years — those traits I want our daughter to have.

I shared this with my mother-in-law and she asked, “You didn’t pray for her to be beautiful?” and I said, “Not exactly. But I did ask for her to be cute.” :)

It will take a few more years for me to confirm if she got the traits I prayed for. Although I’d like to think that she is an overall good kid now, it is still pretty early to tell. But what is very evident is Amelie looking very much like her dad.

As soon as my ObGyne placed Amelie on my chest after delivery, I whispered to R, “Kamukha mo sya.” Since that day until now, you’ll hear the exact same words from the people who see them together.