Bathtime Fun

Amelie had always enjoyed bathing save for the first few weeks when she was still a newborn. But when she was in her 10th to 11th months, she started to dislike it. The mere sight of her tub just sent her shrieking and wailing. I had to improvise like using plastic containers and what not to entice her to stay put in her tub because bath toys didn’t do. If R was around, he would hold Amelie while I wash her up. Her struggles and wails often led to 5-minute baths and a wet mom and dad.

However, a few days after we reached Manila, she surprised me most when she all of a sudden changed her mindset over bathing. She stayed put until I finished the whole bathing ritual. Now, unless I take her out of the tub, she wouldn’t stop splish-splashing! A pleasant surprise indeed!